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Professionally Installed CCTV Camera Systems

Criminal activities can be detrimental to the health and success of your company. As your business grows, it may eventually require the most up to date video security systems available. Unfortunately, no business can monitor all areas of security such as parking lots, storage areas, and rooftops without paying for costly security personnel to physically patrol these areas. However, the rapid advancement of today’s CCTV surveillance systems can meet the demands of any property or facility. CCTV systems are also a great deterrent to crime even when they aren’t running. By installing highly visible cameras in public areas, you can actively avoid an incident before it occurs. Compared to hiring a full time security staff, these video systems pay for themselves almost immediately.

CCTV Security Camera

Complete Security Solutions

TTC Communications uses only the most trusted brands in the industry. Their advanced surveillance systems range from intelligent IP cameras to digital video recorders (DVR), network video recorders (NVR), and complete video management system’s “VMS”.

Our experienced team of CCTV engineers can design and install a system to fit the needs of your business. We provide quality video surveillance products at affordable prices. Call TTC Communications today to set up an appointment and get the security you need to protect your business.

TTC Communications provides a wide array of robust video surveillance systems for home, commercial, and industrial environments in Eugene, Springfield and beyond. Our cost-effective security CCTV systems not only protect your employees, property, and your business’s bottom line, but they can be reviewed and controlled remotely through a free downloadable application on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Our CCTV Services include:

  • CCTV Planning and Layout
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Security Cameras
  • Video Security Systems
  • Remote Office Video Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention Application
  • PC Based DVR solutions
  • Stand Alone Security DVR Solutions
  • NVR Solutions – Network Video Recorder